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    De Suikertuin means sugar garden, and as many sugar-loving, yellow-breasted small birds visit the patio in the back on the restaurant, the name is aptly chosen. The birds are called ‘buiki heel’ (yellow belly) in Papiamento, our local language. Oh yes, the personal touch, the home-made dishes, the eye for detail and the local touch make this restaurant stand out.
    Team Bistro De Suikertuin


    It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our authentic breakfast and lunch restaurant in the center of Oranjestad. De Suikertuin Restaurant has all the ingredients to offer you a lovely culinary experience. Do you wish to start your day with an energy boosting breakfast or do you opt for a relaxing, delicious lunch in the shade at our inner courtyard? Come to us. Oh yes, the personal touch, the home-made dishes, the eye for detail and the local touch make this restaurant stand out. Providing the best lunches possible and improving its take-out service belong to De Suikertuin’s future goals. The restaurant’s perfect location and special ambiance provide the setting and backdrop for a great meeting with friends, colleagues or family members; the catering service needs to impress without these added benefits. Should you have a reason to celebrate or do you just feel like pampering yourself, surrender then to the sweet and hearty seduction of our afternoon High Tea.



    Catering has been invented to make things easy. De Suikertuin’s catering service is up to speed, ordered before 11 am, everything will be ready for pick-up on the dot of your specified time. Large orders may be delivered if possible, just ask us. Sandwiches, soups, salads or hot lunches are all possible. De Suikertuin specializes in caterings held at your home, office or on location and for private parties, weddings or meetings: De Suikertuin is what you are looking for! Catering options include lunch platters, salads, snack platters, cakes and sandwiches. Lunch meetings will be a lot more fun when De Suikertuin is catering. Please place your order via mail, phone or contact us form. Order Now


    Home-made apple pie and Indonesian-style nasi goreng (fried rice with friend eggs, vegetables and satay) are De Suikertuin’s specialties. A wide array of other menu options can be found on our menu.


    De Suikertuin’s theme nights have become much-anticipated: a select group of some 50 guests is treated to the cuisine of a guest chef. This chef’s origin is mostly the starting point for a daring, delicious feast for the palate. The evenings have in common that there is much laughter, great ambiance and superb food. The theme nights are held every two months or so.



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