Welcome to Bistro De Suikertuin
Eight years ago, in 2009, Bistro De Suikertuin opened its doors, it was an instant hit with the locals, with visitors to the island soon following suit. The first birthday parties, special dinner events and wedding sprees started to take place on a regular basis. Nowadays, it is also the bachelorette parties, baby showers or specialty brunches that are unforgettable. Just tell Bistro De Suikertuin what you are looking for: a custom-made event belongs to the possibilities. Find Bistro De Suikertuin restaurant in a historic mansion, located in one of the oldest streets of the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad. Inside the thick walls encompass a wonderful little restaurant, where you can eat your fill of delicious breakfast items, a home-made healthy lunch or a sumptuous high tea, but there is also the option of sitting on the patio at the back, where a giant tree provides shade and a wonderful background noise of rustling leaves. High Tea or High Wine, We have created a bar where you can enjoy our daily happy hour or just have a drink and something to eat. See you at Bistro De Suikertuin…


Our Signature Dishes


Royal High Tea

Royal High Wine

Arubarestaurant offering a huge variety in breakfast & lunch cuisine

A wholesome palatable breakfast on a beautiful sunny morning keeps us energetic all day long and what can be more appealing to our senses than munching our favorite snacks sitting in sylvan surroundings. De Suikertuin, an exotic Dutch restaurant in Aruba, Oranjestad offers you happiness served on a delectable platter. We are widely known for our friendly yet professional catering service in Aruba and thus hold a position as one of the best breakfast & lunch caterers in Aruba. We attract both visitors and localites from all-over Aruba to relish our sumptuous home-made cakes, high teas, wine, sandwiches, salads, snacks and extravagant lunch dishes in our Aruba restaurant. Choose from the restaurant’s hefty menu or ask our chefs to relish one of our specialty dishes. We are renowned as one of the best places to eat in Aruba as we guarantee a luscious lip-smacking treat each time you visit us. Be a part of De Suikertuin’s theme nights to savor unique signature delights prepared from the expert hands of a master chef.



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Palm Beach #17, Noord, Aruba
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