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    Soups, fresh made



    Prices are in US dollars, tax included – a 15% service charges will be added to your bill – exchange rate: US $1.00 = AWG 1.80
    We give free delivery if your order is more than $30.

    We are counted among some of the best breakfast places in Aruba

    De Suikertuin’s breakfast menu contains everything you can wish for on a fresh morning – pancakes, tea, coffee, croissant, bagel, omelette, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, juice, shakes, waffles, pies, soups and what not. Due to the availability of tasty and varied breakfast cuisine, we are counted among the top breakfast places in Aruba and consequently have become one stop restaurant for bed and breakfast in Aruba.  We cater to all culinary services you look for in an efficient Aruba bed and breakfast – from serving every dish on the exact reservation time to preparing customized breakfast menu; everything is kept in mind to ensure the convenience of our visitors.

    Come to De Suikertuin breakfast restaurant in Aruba to enjoy a fulfilling yet tasty continental breakfast, farmer’s omelette, Dutch pancakes, poffertjes, high tea,

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